Monday, January 23, 2012

Remembering my father

My father was the noblest person I have ever come across in my life. He was true to himself and others and lived a life of purity and innocence. He never missed a single day’s prayer and uttered a single bad word ever. He was a great husband and my parents had the best relationship. They were married over 55 years until my father’s death. My mother stayed with him in his ups and downs and took care of him during his ill health. Their mutual warmth was very deep till the last day of my father. My mother is missing him every moment now. I have always wondered the reason for such a great chemistry between spouses.

I remember an incident when I was child, studying in 6th grade. One day I fell ill and suddenly collapsed. My father, who had a small stature, carried me and ran to the local doctor’s office, which was quite far away. Even today I can feel his heavy breath, fear, and anguish when he made that run. It awakens my spirit and moist my eyes whenever I think of this noble, selfless man.

My father influenced me in many ways. The most important part was the trust he had on me. That was the highest motivating factor in my life. Even today, every time I make a mistake, which I do several times, the biggest influence of course correction is remembering my dad. Through him I learned that positive emotions have profound impact in our life compared to negativism which may take you down. My dad was always very proud of me. I do recall him introducing me to his friends as a high achiever with a twinkle in his eyes. Dad, I won’t let you down.

God has been kind enough to give me a wonderful wife, lovely children, and a great life. When I think of my dad, I do reflect on my role as a father and husband. How good am I at my role? Do my wife and kids give me a failing, passing, or excelling grade? Only time can tell. But my father reminds me from heaven every time I mess up to do the course correction. Yes, he is up there blessing me and guiding me to follow the right path in my life.

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