Monday, January 30, 2012

Ask, Seek, Knock

I’ve written before about the importance of networking and moving from wallflower to evangelist. Closed mouths don’t get fed. If you want something, you have to either ask for it or walk up and take it.“Ask, and you will receive; seek, and you will find; knock, and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks will receive, and anyone who seeks will find, and the door will be opened to those who knock.” Matthew 7:7.

Just as Jesus taught his disciples to persist in prayer as a way to improve their communication skills, global leaders must also be in constant pursuit of, and proficient in, cross-cultural communication skills if they are to succeed in today’s global environment. Global leaders must be persistent in asking for ways to gain more cultural knowledge, seeking ways to understand rather than to be understood by people of different cultures, and knocking on the door of wisdom toward unlocking hidden meaning to better communicate across cultures. Without the proper meaning, misunderstandings and misinterpretations often prevail because what is appropriate behavior for one culture can be inappropriate in another.

Global leaders often use their own meaning to make sense of someone else’s reality or lack cultural awareness of their own behavioral rules and apply them to others. Global leaders must strongly consider the cultural factors of the languages of context, time and space because they impact the language we speak, be it verbal or nonverbal.

Always remember, closed mouths don't get fed!


Dr George Easaw said...

that is very good ideas communicated well saju.. Keep it up ..

Saju Skaria said...

thanks, Easaw!

Abraham Panicker said...

Excellent Thoughts..Saju. When capital is getting dispersed and created in countries and places other than the what was once considered as "west" and "developed" nations, and where "information" and "money" is empowering the middle class, the global leader will have to, or will be forced to adapt to practices, cultures, attitudes that will be considered as non-western. In this process, global leader, a corporate leader or any World leader for that matter should not let go what West holds with high esteem as respect for Basic Human rights (Case - China or Saudia Arabia). He should however look beyond what is deemed as politically or philosophically correct in his home ground.

Saju Skaria said...

Thanks Panicker for the comment. In this materialistic world, we miss some key connections on cuture and the requirement of balance. I am planning to write a blog on 'culture as an adaptive stragey for mobility'. Please stay tuned.

Cheyyar Thamizh said...

Hi Saju,
I never knew that you had a nice blog and in which you wrote so well. Very good and powerful communication, Keep it up
When you are in Bangalore, please contact us. Let us meet
Mannan, B (Dr/Wg Cdr)

Saju Skaria said...

Dear Dr Mannan, thanks sir. I used to write and now getting back on track. I am planning to write one blog per weeek. Pl keep checking.
btw, I wish I knew Tamil reading to understand your blog! Pl be in touch.