Wednesday, March 7, 2012

ABC of Life!

ABC (Avoid Bad Company) in Life. Your life’s happiness depends a lot on the company you keep. Diane McLaren, a popular holistic health practitioner, coach & trainer uncovered patterns and strategies to keep a happy life. Practice these easy strategies in order to improve happiness and become more upbeat and optimistic. The following are her recommendations to lead a healthy and happy life!

1. Avoid Emotional Vampires

Life’s success depends a lot with the company you keep. Do you attract emotional vampires or losers into your life? Are you a loser magnet? Emotional vampires and losers literally drain our batteries, slow us down and make us upset. To become happier, optimistic and energetic -- avoid emotional vampires. Emotional vampires include people who put you down, criticize or mock you, or sabotage your dreams and aspirations. Take survey of your life by making a list of people and situations you expose yourself to. Then, discard or limit people, habits or situations that keep you from feeling optimistic and happy. In other words,’ burn your bridges’ if needed.

2. Detox Your Mind

You can detox your mind just as people detox their bodies. To get rid of negative or intruding bad thoughts, remember this “Rule of Happiness”: You can only keep one thought in your mind at a time. You can focus your thoughts on either pessimistic/unhappy or optimistic/happy thoughts. It’s your choice. Happy and optimistic people expect the best. When setbacks or problems pop up, focus on finding a solution. Unhappy and pessimistic people focus on complaining, but happy and optimistic people focus on solutions.

   3. Optimism and Happiness by the Numbers

Are you obsessed with negative thoughts that lead you to a bad mood? A simple way to become happy and optimistic is to count your way to more positive thoughts. It’s easy to become an expert at switching your negative and bad thoughts to more positive and upbeat thoughts and feelings. Each time you have a negative thought, immediately switch to a positive thought or solution to your woes.

    4. Change your body posture

Happy and energetic individuals take big steps, walk faster and stand taller. They seem to exude an endless supply of energy. In sharp contrast, pessimistic, unhappy and lifeless people shuffle their feet, take tiny steps, walk slowly and slouch. They appear lifeless and have burned–out their batteries. Watch how you carry your body. Use the body-posture of happy, optimistic people, such as taking big steps, walking faster and standing taller. Using these techniques will help you become happy and energetic. They are easy to carry out, and will create a positive domino effect with people in your life.

   5. Watch what you say -- and never say words such as “try”

To start acting like happy and optimistic people, you need to learn what they do. Optimistic people act and talk in certain ways and use certain words. The words people use can affect their moods and energy levels. Changing your words can actually change your attitude and feelings. Use “upbeat” words, instead of “upsetting” words. For example, “I feel overwhelmed” can seem upsetting. So instead say, “I feel challenged …nevertheless I can do it” which is more upbeat. One of the most interesting differences between happy and unhappy people is that happy people rarely or even never use the word ‘try’ or ‘but.’ These two words leave people feeling hopeless and not in control of their lives. Happy people feel hopeful, and take tons of responsibility for their lives.

6. Focus on What You Want & Not On What You Do not Want

Worry is the #1 happiness and energy zapper. The fastest way to fill you with endless joy and energy is to stop worrying. How can you do that? Each time you have a negative thought, immediately switch it to a positive thought such as a solution to your woes. People who focus on solutions rather than problems are optimistic, happy and very high energy.

    7. Pursue What You Love To Do and It Will Light Your Fire

The best way to start your day and jump out of bed with an enthusiastic mood is to find your passion. Find out what thrills you and you’ll find boundless new energy to jump out of bed and start the day with a great mood. People who have no energy in the morning or even during the day are really lost souls. They do not have a real reason to get out of bed each day. Finding your passion or what thrills you in life can turn you on each day, light your fire and boost your mood. Anyone can become more upbeat and optimistic. When people use these techniques, they invariably feel a heavy burden lift off their shoulders. They feel positive, upbeat, and confident.

You only need a few minutes to put these tips into action. They can be your key to enhanced life including your health, wealth, and career success.

Remember: Optimism is the hidden key to your personal success. Optimists possess a clear vision of an exciting life, confidently work on goals to achieve their vision, and take self-responsibility. In contrast, pessimists have no clear vision of a fantastic life, and they love to complain, blame, and moan.

So which do you want to be ---- happy & optimistic or unhappy and pessimistic? Finally, follow the ABC; Avoid Bad Company, keep away from the Emotional Vampires!!


Dr George Easaw said...

Principle 8 : Love your enemy and neighbour like yourself. Think of only his/her goodness, pray for his/her wellbeing and growth. This is the best optimistic medicine you can ever prescribe .. All religions advocate the same principle in different forms ..

Principle 9 : Develop infinite patience when dealing with your friends and foes alike.

Charlie Brown said...

Saju very good inputs. I am very proud of you, so keep it up. Ali

Charlie Brown said...

Oh by way, Charlie Brown "Coolest Cat in Town" is my nick name. My real name is Ali S. Kadi. Have a nice day and keep charging on your Dissertation.