Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Goals for 2015 – Yes, You Can!!

First, New Year Greetings to all my friends and families around the world! May the New Year bring health, wealth and happiness to you and your loved ones!!

I thought of sharing some thoughts on how to make 2015 a fantastic year in your personal, professional and spiritual life. While this may seems to be a difficult task with so much in your plate, all you need is a bit of planning and focus to achieve those goals.

On the work front, work smart with plans and priorities which will yield better results than shear hard work. Surround yourself with smart, motivated and dynamic people who could compliment you in your efforts.  Stay away from emotional vampires and learned to say ‘no’ when required. Developing healthy habits and balancing is key; make sure you find sufficient time for sleep, exercise, eating well and taking care of yourself. Plan your leisure time and vacations in advance similar to business schedules which you plan well in advance. Don’t burn the candle on both ends, say ‘no’ to unplanned activities, if possible.

On the health front, have quantifiable and measurable goals. For example, commit to lose certain amount of weight within a specific period, keep your vitals within the specific margins, or participate in specific sporting events and achieve the desired performance levels within the specified timeframe.  As you know, the motivation does not last long unless you practice daily. Reward good behavior and punish bad choices. Compete with yourself, don’t compare with someone else, particularly when it comes to fitness goals.

On the spiritual front, try to connect with the higher being. Prayer and meditation would bring joy and happiness and will reduce stress significantly. We are here in this earth for a purpose. Know your calling.

Good luck!

Saju Skaria

Phoenix, Arizona, USA