Friday, May 25, 2012

Words and destiny!

“The words you consistently select will shape your destiny” - Anthony Robbins, motivational speaker and leadership coach.

Your words have incredible power. They can make or break you; they can help you build a bright future, destroy your opportunities, or maintain the status quo.  You may wonder how such bold statement can be made. Your words reinforce your beliefs… and your beliefs create your reality. Let me share the logical reasoning and how the process flow works.

Thoughts >> Words>>Beliefs>>Actions>> Results

Every end result begins with a thought, positive or negative. Let’s assume someone have a thought that he is not good at his work. He run such thoughts on a regular basis may be hundreds of thousands of times in his life. He starts words that support such thoughts to his friends and colleagues. Here again he repeat these self-talk again and again thereby reinforcing the beliefs. These beliefs get strengthened over a period of time and get embedded in his subconscious mind. What this lead to be taking little or no action in his work area to improve, since he has already resigned to fate based on the belief which is embedded in the mind. To make things worse, he will have more negative words on his activities, reinforcing negative beliefs.. and getting more negative results. It is a vicious cycle! The whole situation would have reversed if he started with the right thoughts, which then lead to right beliefs and actions which will end up with right results.

Rudyard Kipling has famously stated, “words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind". Don’t underestimate the role of words in our destiny.  You can’t keep repeating the negative words and expect to be high achiever, whereas positive language moves you towards your goal. According to Plutarch, “in words are seen the state of mind, character, and disposition of the speaker”. What obstacles you are facing in your life right now? Imagine the power you could unleash if you saw them as “just barely an inconvenience” instead of an insurmountable barrier.  

Words and accountability: When it comes to personal and business relationships avoid “burning the bridges”, but sometimes the only way to move forward in life – and to achieve an ambitious goal – is cut off from the negative people. Always discuss your plans with people who can render an intelligent opinion on the subject.

Words and emotions:  Our vocabulary affects our emotions, our beliefs, and our effectiveness in life. Aggressive words like “furious”, “livid”, “enraged” etc. would infuriate you and add more blood pressure and change in your physiology. Replace them with lighter words like, “annoyed”, “ peeved” etc. which would break the negative emotions completely. In a positive sense, instead of saying “ I’m determined”, why not say, “I’m unstoppable” and instead of saying “I’m OK, try “I’m phenomenal” or “I feel just tremendous”. Always choose words that will point you in the direction of your goals.

Fortunately, you can control your words – which means that you have the ability to build a positive belief system.. and produce the results you want.  Remember, it’s up to you to speak in a way that will toward what you want in life. Therefore, use words that are consistent with the path you truly wish to be on.. take action along the lines.. and watch yourself begin to travel in that wonderful direction!

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See you next week!

Saju Skaria

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